About Us

Hågadalens Hostel & Hostel is located in the scenic Hågadalen – Nåsten nature reserve.

The hostel is of very high standard and has generous surfaces in both the overnight rooms as communal areas. Our eleven rooms have been completely renovated in 2014 and the four hygiene rooms and the kitchen are remodeled and refurbished in 2017. All rooms are different and have their own personal touch. Four facing the street to the east, the other towards the nature reserve to the west. All rooms are bright and comfortable and all are equipped with blinds. Two south-facing rooms have air conditioning for hot summer days. The same applies to lounges and through rooms.

All rooms, except the singleroom, have two spring beds. The rooms have a firmer spring bed nearest the door. The bed further into softer. All beds have mattress covers, duvets and two pillows. Bed linens and towels is included in the price.Sleeping bags and own quilts/blankets and pillows are due to hygienic reasons not permitted.

A large common fresh and well-equipped self-catering kitchen with two stoves, two refrigerators and two freezers and plenty of dining seats are located on the 3rd floor. To each guest room is a reserved shelf marked basket in one of the refrigerators. There is a shelf for you in one of the kitchen cupboards. Waste sorting is performed by the guest into the sex bins in the kitchen. On this level is also available a very spacious and airy living room with two dining tables, sofas and a large TV and various journals and books. You will also find a bathroom with shower and two wash basins. Four of our rooms are located on this level.

On the 2nd floor you will find the other seven rooms. All rooms are different sizes and are equipped with varied number of beds. Sofa and TV are on this level. Even a bathroom with shower and two wash basins.

The entrance hall with reception desk is located on the 1st floor. Entrance door is located on the rear of the house. Next to the elevator you will find two restrooms with showers, which one is adapted for wheelchair users.

The entire property is smoke-free. See below for specific rules.

Pets are not allowed.

Children over 10 years are welcome. We cannot accept younger children.

Shoes should be taking off in the entrance for everyone’s enjoyment. Either set your shoes on the shoe rack or carry them up to your room.

You have access to the room between 16.00 on day of arrival until 11.00 am on departure day. Once you have booked and paid for your room, you get on the day of arrival an SMS with a code for the entrance door as well as a special code to your key compartment. Keys fit in addition to your room even to the door to the elevator and the door to the stairwell. Only code applies at the front door.

Free parking is available on both the front and back of the house, one at the entrance is reserved for the disabled with permission.

Free access to the internet. Login details are available in the entrance and in the information documents in the room.

Special rules: Please note that the hostel is non-smoking. The fire alarm motion detectors are activated immediately and sends SOS with fire emergency as a result. Smoking is only permitted in the intended location where the ashtray is out in the yard. Do you smoke on the balcony goes smoke in through the ventilation system and causes an alarm to the emergency services. At the violation you will be charged with 10.000 SEK.

At vandalism of property, rooms, furniture or other equipment you will be charged the cost of resetting. Vandalism is always charged with a minimum amount of 1.000 SEK.

Hågadalen-Nåsten nature reserve with its countless footpaths extending from the bridge south of the hostel and follows along the western Uppsala to Flogsta-Kvarnbolund-Nåsten in the north, to Highway 55 towards Enköping. In a southerly direction, between Lurbo Bro and Skarholmen, there is the walking trail Vårdsätra Strandpromenad of 3 km along the Hågaån and further along Vårdsätraviken.
In this part of Uppsala we find Vårdsätrabadet and Lyssnarängsbadet in lake Ekoln, the marina with restaurant Palazzo Skarholmen, Sunnerstabacken with ski lift and various other activities.

By public bus it is very easy to reach both the city and the nearest shopping center, Gottsunda Centrum. Several bus stops (closest to us Lurbo Bridge) are 50-200 meters from the hostel. Bus 11 has several departures per hour and has direct connections to the Academic Hospital, the University, the City and the Travel Center (east side of the railway). https://www.ul.se

Taxi can be reached at +46 (0)18-100 000 (Uppsala Taxi) or +46 (0)18-123456 (Taxi Kurir).

Welcome to stay overnight in the city’s most beautifully located and most homely hostel!