Villkor & frågor

The guest understands and accepts this as an agreement with Hågadalens Hostel & Vandrarhem during his booked stay.

We apply prepayment at time of booking. Booking and payment is made digitally in advance by credit card / debit card through the hostel’s website. The credit card should be exhibited at one of the guests and be shown together with identification.

Refunds can only be made if you, when the booking, buy our cancellation insurance which is 10% of the room cost. Your cancellation must be received by e-mail to not later than 08.00 / 8 AM two days before the arrival date. Otherwise, repayment is not done for the next two days. Without cancellation insurance are not refundable.

Only the guests that were reported and checked into the paid reservation has the right to visit and stay (overnight) at the hostel. All guests should if necessary be able to prove their identity with a valid ID.

-The credit card holder holds main responsibility for him/herself and/or other guests in his/hers company and is therefor also liable to pay damages or costs that him/her or his/hers company has caused the hostel or its third parts.
-Same person is also liable for costs in case of false emergency alarms in case of these being caused by the guests or his/her company. In case of false emergency alarm to emergency services due to smoking, a fee of 10.000SEK will be charged. -The credit card holder is liable to pay damage on chattel caused by him/her or his/hers company, or for chattel that illicitly has been removed from the hostel or other areas of the property. Minimum fee is 1.000 SEK. The chattel is theft labelled. -Credit card holder is also responsible for that hired sheets and towels are left behind at check out. These should be placed in the laundry basket at the stair case at the bottom floor. -Same person are also responsible that all keys are returned into the black mailbox at the entrance prior to check out. In case of loss of key/keys the booking person will be charged a fee of minimum 3.200 SEK based on rekeying the cylinder lock and production of new keys. -The credit card holder agrees to that all extra fees added due to his/her cause or the cause of his/her company is charged the credit card used at the time of booking or with a separate invoice..

Rules of order

Every guest agrees to -behave in a respectful way towards other guests, hostel staff and residents in the area around the hostel -leave the room in a pleasant state, in other words the same way as you found it in at the time of check in -not to make disturbing noise or in other ways disturb other guests or residents close by. Please make sure to be extra cautious before 8 AM and after 11 PM by speaking quieter and keep the television volume on low.


-Booked room is available between 4 PM-11 PM at the day of check in until 11 AM at the day of check out. -Code to the door are not to be shared to anyone other than registered guests that stay in the room. -The front door should always be kept shut. Please make sure to check this carefully -Only let people in your own company into the hostel. Other guests has their own keys -Carefully read the evacuation plan at the inside of your room´s door carefully -Pets are not allowed at the hostel -We cannot accept children under 10 years -Sleeping bags and own duvets and pillows are prohibited due to hygiene reasons! -Smoking is only permitted outside by the dustbins. Use the glass jar for cigarette butts – do not throw them on the ground!

Smoking is forbidden throughout the property and around the building. Toaster is only to be used in the kitchen. Flaming or any other ways of cooking that develop smoke is forbidden. The ventilation system is mechanical which means that the air travels through air gaps inside the walls and smoke can trigger the security alarm. A false alarm to emergency services is charged with 10.000 SEK.

We hope that you will enjoy your stay with us! You are welcome from 4 PM. Check out is at latest 11 AM.

When we do a booking we also store data according to our integrity policy (see the menu option to the left to read more).

How do I get my keys?

You will receive codes on SMS on the day of arrival. One of the codes are for getting access to the entrance door. After entering the house you’ll find the key box where you need to use your second code. Inside of the key box you will find your keys (2 in total), which are available after 16.00 / 4 PM. 

What do you do if you have forgotten your code?

Keep your SMS with the code you got when you booked, available during your whole stay!  If you have lost your code  – call +46 70-646 21 20.

What happens if I lose my key?

You’ll be charged with the cost of producing a new key and lock cylinder. The minimum fee is 3.200 SEK.

When is the front desk / reception open?

You are welcome to arrive at any time that suits you between 4 PM – 6 PM on the day of arrival. Contact us on +46 70-646 21 20 if you have any questions. Staff will be at the hostel for a few hours each day, but not necessarily between 4 PM – 11 PM.

Can you pay by cash for the rooms when you arrive at the hostel?

No, we do not apply cash payment. All payments are made digitally in advance in connection with the booking. We also accept payment via Swich.

Do I need to bring my own sheets / towels?

Bed sheets and towels are included as part of the price. Bringing your own sheets, sleeping bags and pillows is prohibited for hygienic reasons.

Which time do I need to check out?

You must leave your room and your keys at the very latest 11 AM on the departure day.

Where do I leave my keys?

Leave your keys in the room or put them back in the key box.

Where do I leave sheets and towels?

Leave your sheets and towels on the floor in the room, please.

What should I do before I leave the room and the hostel?

  • Separate any trash at the given source, in the related bin in the kitchen
  • Same goes for empty bottles and cans
  • Close all windows
  • Tidy up the room so that it looks as good as when you arrived
  • Fold the sheet and put the pillows nicely on your bed
  • Don’t forget to bring any food you have left in the freezer, refrigerator or kitchen storage with you
  • Leave sheet and towel on the floor
  • Leave the keys in the room or replace them in the key box.

Are there any parking spots available?

Yes, there are free parking spots available on the front of the hostel. Electricity is not included.

What about TV?

There is a TV in the living room.

Do you have an elevator?


Can I do my laundry at the hostel?

Yes. Call or send a message to +46 70-646 21 20 for booking the laundry.

Is there internet available at the hostel?

Yes, you have access to free internet at the whole hostel. Login information is available in the room.

Can I buy breakfast at the hostel?

We do not serve breakfast, but you of course have the possibility to prepare your own breakfast or a light meal. The kitchen is equipped with kettle, coffee maker, stove, oven, microwave and refrigerator & freezer. Use the fan at the stove in case of cooking, to avoid smell of food in the different rooms. The stove has a timer, which is shut off after 2 hours of usage.

Can I separate my trash at source at the hostel?

Yes, at the kitchen there are several ash bins with symbols on what type of trash that should be stored in each bin. Under the sink there are two bins, one for food, and one for other burnable wastes, e.g. paper towels.

Does the hostel have a toilet for disabled?


Can I bring my pets?

No, that is not allowed.

Can I rent sheets and towels?

Sheet and towel is included within the price. In case we have time we may make your bed before your arrival.  Before leaving, put the sheets on the floor before the check out.

What does it cost if I am only one person and there are only rooms with 2 beds available?

The price of the room is the same even if you don’t use both beds.

Can I get an extra bed for my room?

No, it is not possible to get more beds than the ones that are already available in your room.

Can a small child sleep in the same bed as an adult?

No, we cannot accept children under 10 years.

What else do I need to keep in mind?

The kitchen is used by all our guests. Make sure you do your dishes, dry and put back any plates and similar that you used, back where they belong.

All rooms have sun-blinds available. Use this in case you want to make your room darker. Do not pull the curtains / drapery!

Smoking is only permitted outside by the dustbins, not next to the house. Use the glass jar for cigarette butts – do not throw on the ground! 

For everyone’s comfort – keep sound and noises at a minimum after 11 PM and before 7 AM.

Carefully read through our conditions before you reserve a room at our hostel. To our terms.

Are there any restaurants nearby?

With bus 11 you can easily reach the city centre of Uppsala. In Uppsala you’ll find many pubs & restaurants (in fact, Uppsala has the highest  restaurant “density” of all Swedish cities). In Gottsunda city centre there are also several restaurants. You can reach Gottsunda by car (2.5 kilometers / 1.5 miles), or walk across Gottsundagipen for about 10 minutes. Maps are available at the hostel. Skarholmen restaurant near the marina is open during the summer. That is located about 3.5 kilometers (2.2 miles) south. You can travel by Bus 11 to both Skarholmen and Gottsunda Centrum. The stop is called Lurbo bro and you’ll find the timetable at UL’s website Bus 11.

What can I do nearby?

If you continue south via Vårdsätravägen you’ll pass the by-road / turning that leads to Vårdsätrabadet and Lyssnaängsbadet, where you can swim in the lake Ekoln, which is part of Mälaren.

Enjoy a walk in the marina, or dine & have some “fika” at Restaurang Skarholmen (open during summer).

Sunnestastugans recreation area has a café and restaurant. See more information

Enjoy a half day of walking and outdoor life in Hågadalen – Nåstens Naturreservat (preserve), or a shorter walk to Predikstolen, a 15 meter tall cliff that contains remnants of a hill fort, which is located on the other side of Hågaån, starting from the hostel.

Collection of information

On our website we collect information from you when you book one of our rooms via the reservation form. The information we gather includes your name, your physical address, your email address as well as any other data that you optionally choose to submit as part of the form.  When a reservation is done we use the reservation system Sirvoy to gather information.

Usage of information and purpose

We store personal data for three (3) months. This is applicable for payments, as well as for registration cards (according to legal requirements from police authorities).

The information we collect from can also be used to:

  • Contact you via email or phone number (if you fill this in as part of the reservation form)
  • Handle bookings / reservations
  • Improve our website
  • Improve our customer service

Handing out personal information to third-party

We do not sell, shop or in any way transfer personal identifiable information to external parties. This does not include trusted third parties that help us to run our website, with the demand that said parties agree to keep the information confidential.

Information protection

We apply several security measurements to protect your personal information. We use advanced encryption methods to protect data that is transferred across the internet. Only coworkers that are to do a specific task (e.g. reserve a room, booking service), gets access to personal identifiable information. The computers / servers that are used to store personal identifiable information are stored in a secure environment.


We use cookies to improve the access of our website and to identify recurring visitors. Furthermore our cookies also improve the user experience by tracking and adapt the experience based on users’ needs and interests. Our usage of cookies do not store (nor is connected in any way) to personal identifiable information on our website.

Delete personal information

You may contact us at any time on to get information about what personal identifiable information we have stored about you, or if you’d like us to delete your personal identifiable information.

Consent of approval

By agreeing to use cookies on our website, and by giving consent within our reservation form, you agree to our integrity policy.